Dear parents and community members,


As we begin the new year please remember to follow our pickup and drop off protocols.


1.  Always pull forward to drop off and pick up students.  This allows more people in the pickup/drop off lane and avoids dangerous situations like parallel parking.


2.  As you pull forward please give yourself room to exit the carpool lane without have to back up.  This reduces the chance of someone getting hit or hurt.


3.  Enter and exit cars from curbside.  We want to avoid students or parents walking on Grant Avenue because the road is narrow and does not allow for safe access to parked vehicles.


4.  Drivers need to stay in their vehicle if waiting for students.   There are two parking spots at the very end of the car pool lane on Grant Ave (south end).

5.  Please have your child use the crosswalk if he/she needs to cross a street.  This is the best way to eliminate potential auto pedestrian encounters or accidents.

6.  Always pick up or drop off students in the drop off and pickup lane or area on Grant Ave.  Students should never enter or exit vehicles on Grant Ave itself (no blocking traffic).

7. Help reduce the traffic by following these suggestions:

  • Plan to pick up child at 3:30 pm or drop off earlier like 7:30 am.  Traffic in the carpool lane is less congested at these times.
  • Arrange to pick up child at specific location like the parking spaces on 20th.  Students would have to use the crosswalk but then could walk to your park vehicle.

Thanks for your continued help and support in keeping DaVinci students safe.  We have a safe record because of these protocols.  Let's keep it that way.