Special Education / IEP Department

Students with special academic needs can go to college! We will work with your student through their IEP goals to develop your student's work ethic, study skills and test-taking strategies. Working with a dedicated staff of Special Education teachers, students and their families will find support in this partnership as we prepare your student for college.

Name Position Phone
Nicole Scadlock Special Education & IEP Department Director 801-409-0706
Keith Stephenson IEP Coordinator & Sp Ed English 801-409-0667
Lindsey Heslop IEP Secondary Paraprofessional 801-409-0722
ReNae Archibald IEP Severe Elementary Teacher 801-409-0716
Kurt Piper Sped Ed Math 801-409-0723
Jesica Medellin IEP Severe Secondary Teacher 801-409-0718
Kimberly Shidler IEP Distance Coordinator 801-409-0706
Maddie Smith Distance IEP Paraprofessional 801-409-0706
Bradi Nichols Distance IEP Paraprofessional 801-409-0706
Jen Kool Elementary IEP Teacher 801-409-0621
Christine Melvick IEP Severe Teacher 801-409-0740
Day Wolf Elementary IEP Paraprofessional 801-409-0716
Jill Cryder IEP Paraprofessional 801-409-0621
Kristie Christenson Elementary IEP Teacher 801-409-0716
Michelle Russell IEP Elementary Coordinator & IEP Teacher 801-409-0716
Reynaldo Medellin IEP Behavior Specilist 801-409-0730
Stephani Garcia Elementary IEP Paraprofessional 801-409-0621
Tori Lybbert IEP Secondary Math 801-409-0723
Heidi Heslop IEP Secondary Paraprofessional 801-409-0706
January Lindquist Distance IEP Paraprofessional 801-409-0706